A private yoga session can be beneficial for new students as well as those with a dedicated, long-time practice.  A private session can be tailored to your personal needs to allow you to progress at your own pace.  Working one-on-one with your instructor, emphasis is placed on individual goals, abilities and interests allowing you to deepen your practice and acheive the desired results on your own schedule.

Benefits of a Private or Semi-Private Session

  • Ease your way into a group class and alleviate “beginner fears”
  • Craft a practice specifically catered to your needs and goals
  • Learn to modify poses with props and tools to fit your fitness level and/or limitations
  • Dive deeper into a practice that want to learn more about
  • Explore a particular pose or poses that you want to understand better
  • Gain tools to aid you in both group and home practice

Private sessions can be booked in the studio or online, and even through the mobile app. Simply purchase your session and then select the date, time and teacher that suits your needs. Easy peasy!

Private sessions are $100 per hour, plus $10 for each additional person, up to 3 additional people.