There is a class for YOU! Yoga West welcomes everyone from the brand-new beginner to the seasoned yogi. For every person, and for every stage in a person’s life, there is a yoga style that will work best. Even from day to day you may prefer one style over another. Many of our classes fill up quickly, so we ask that you register online or in the mobile app so that we know to expect you.

If you are brand new to our studio, please arrive 10-15 min before class. We do not allow students to enter a class after it begins, to provide our students with the best experience possible. If you are late, we will ask you to kindly attend the next class on the schedule.

So which class should you take? Each class and teacher is a bit different, so try them all over time and see what suits you best. Our rule of thumb is that if you can get up and down off the floor and tie your shoes with ease, then any of our classes are fine to start. If you need a bit more time to get up and down off of the floor, or if your mobility is limited due to injury or illness, a Gentle or Restorative class is best to start.