September is the new January

September is the new January.

Although there is no champagne, no fancy parties, or balls dropping at midnight, for me at least, the beginning of September as we head into fall feels a lot more like a new year than January 1st. Perhaps it is the same for you. September brings with it a lot of new beginnings. Back to school, maybe starting a new job, back to a work or exercise routine that may have shifted during the relaxing summer months. There’s a lot of goal-setting that happens this time of year. A renewed focus on plans for sporting events and family gatherings. And if you like “old school” calendar planning, so many of the paper planners available these days don’t start in January, they start in September to coincide with this newness that is going on all around us.

So as the seasons change, and we fill our schedules with family gatherings, sporting events, and school-related activities, perhaps this is also a good time to set new resolutions for ourselves. We all have things that we want to accomplish or achieve before the year ends, if for no other reason than to set up good habits to carry us into the (real) new year.  So without creating an additional hefty to do list to cart around with you, consider these as a few new (September) year resolutions:

Try something new. You already know how amazing you feel with a regular yoga practice. Perhaps consider adding an extra day to your routine, and trying a modality that you don’t usually enjoy. Do you like power flow classes? Come enjoy a gentle or restorative class and notice the sense of balance that you achieve. Do you prefer the gentle slower-paced classes? Fall is a great time to amp up your game a little bit and maybe try a flow class, or build some strength with TRX. Do you enjoy a good massage but find that you just don’t have the time to enjoy a massage as often as you would like? Sign up for a Great Wall session once a week…your body will thank you.

Expand your network. It doesn’t matter what your new goals are, it will be much more attainable if you have a community of like-minded people to encourage you along the path. Reach out to one of your yoga teachers, or a familiar face in class and work on deepening that relationship. Connecting with people that you practice with will help you to see your progress and hold yourself accountable. We have several events throughout the year to help with this as well. And beyond a yoga class, enjoy a special Friday night event or maybe a workshop or teacher training so that you can hang out and learn with and from like-minded folks.

Get organized. Decide what your yoga routine looks like, be very specific about days and times and classes, and then write it down. With the change of the seasons and back-to-school, this is a very natural time of year to grab a new notebook or planner. It’s a built-in opportunity to redo your schedule and help you avoid being overwhelmed by distractions. Be mindful of planning errands, meals, and other “to dos” around your routine, so that your self-care doesn’t become an unchecked item on your list at the end of each day.

So why not?  Embrace September as the new January!

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