Are you ready for more?
Join us for the Yoga West Integrated Yoga Studies Teacher Training Program!


Whether you have been practicing yoga for 6 months or 6 years, you may find yourself at a place in your yoga practice where you are yearning for more. Not a stopping point, but more of a lookout point….thinking, “Where do I go from here?” Maybe you have the unshakable feeling that there is more to this ancient practice than just a series of poses, and you are ready to go deeper in your exploration. We are not surprised….yoga is so transformative, and the desire to know more and perhaps even share can be almost overwhelming. If this is where you are in your journey, then you are ready for the next step. You are ready for the Yoga West Integrative Yoga Studies Teacher Training Program.

Our program is designed to incorporate the commitment and power of an immersion, with the flexibility of weekend training.  The program begins with a 9-day immersion, followed by 3 full weekends.  During the course, Kristin, Mary, Mia and Molly will give you the tools that you need to deepen your practice, and teach and empower others.  At the completion of the course, you will be able to stand with confidence in front of a room full of people and guide them through a yoga practice. We will help you to hone your skills to observe, listen, adjust and lead. You will have lots of practice teaching opportunities, so that you will be superbly prepared for this next step on your yogic path. Each participant will be assigned a facilitator / mentor to provide personal support on this journey.

What is the Yoga West Yoga Teacher Training all about? Our training is a fun, yet challenging; lighthearted, yet thought provoking navigation deeper into the study of Hatha yoga. On this journey you will explore:

  • Essential asanas in a yoga practice and the benefits to your body.
  • How to stand at the front of the room and guide others through a well-rounded practice.
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal cues to guide your clients through poses safely.
  • Different styles of yoga, such as flow, gentle, and restorative, in addition to what we call Just Great Yoga.
  • Additional facets of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, the chakras, and so much more.
  • The Business of Yoga and how to establish a successful yoga teaching business for yourself.
  • An introduction to the Yoga Sutras and their application to your daily life, as well as a discussion of the origins of yoga and how it came to be what it is today.

In your training with us, you will experience so much more of what yoga has to offer, regardless of how long you have been practicing yoga.

So are you ready? Of course you are! This course is for those who want to explore sharing yoga with others, teachers looking to expand their knowledge, or regular practitioners who just wanted to dig a bit deeper. We do require that participants have a sustained practice of at least six months before applying for enrollment in our course.  Registration is now open.  E-mail Kristin at to request more information and an application.  Please note that submission of an application is not a guarantee of admittance to the program.

Dates and fees:  Our next training begins in May of 2020.  Dates will be available this fall.

Once your application has been submitted and approved, a $500, non-refundable deposit will reserve your space in the program, and allow you to get started with the at-home studies.  Upon receipt of the deposit, you will be sent the required reading list and home study requirements.  Tuition for the program is $3,299 and is due in full on or before the program begins.  Payment plans are available, and discounts are available for Yoga West Glow Members.   For more information contact Kristin at and attend one of our Open House Information Sessions.  Dates will be announced soon for our Open House Information Sessions.

Comments from previous participants about the program:

All of you did a fantastic job! Thank you for your time, knowledge, support and most of all for your love and passion for this program and yoga!

I wish all yoga teachers could experience this exceptional program. I feel sad and it is unfortunate that all yoga students are not exposed to you. Your program is truly wonderful.

I wish my teachers would come here for training because it is so well-rounded and meaningful.

I would recommend this program to others. I may even take it again myself! It was wonderful! I feel so happy and blissful! I feel connected to the instructors at the studio who were warm, friendly, and encouraging. And the Yoga West students are lovely! Thank you for giving me this gift.

This program is a well-rounded training program that addresses the history and philosophy of yoga, as well as the physical postures. The information we received and the hands-on practice we participated in gave me a broad perspective on yoga. The knowledge I gained gives me a solid foundation to advance my studies even more. The faculty of Yoga West is so diverse and so impressive that having the opportunity to spend time in their classes as a student as priceless! ~ Jamie E.

I loved the program. The Ricky Tran weekend was for sure was one of my favorites. I The food was divine!!!!!!! The intensive was really informative and gave the classmates a chance to bond. It was good times for sure! And I learned so much! ~ Lisa T.

Comments about Kristin:

Kristin has a very modern approach to yoga and I liked her ability to organize and handle her business in such a friendly way.

Very professional! She has a great deal of knowledge and realizes what is desired in her community.

Professional – patient – loving – sage advice – organized – open minded – wonderful communicator – passionate about yoga and has a good sense of humor!

Solid knowledge of the topics presented was clearly conveyed. I looked forward to her lectures and the practical nature of the subject matter. She was very organized, concise and clear yet quite open to a wide variety of discussion questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my class time with her and felt that her evaluations were fair and insightful.

Kristin provided the right amount direction and guidance. Her knowledge of the business side of yoga makes her the perfect person to facilitate this training. Her asana instruction was also right on the mark. She gets extra credit for always including modifications for the poses! ~ Jamie E.

We spent the most of the time with Kristin and I felt really comfortable with her. She is very down to earth, informative and also very easy to understand. I really enjoyed her as my teacher! ~ Lisa T.

Comments about Janaki:

She has a very deep knowledge of the history and spiritual side of yoga. I like that she openly shares these gifts with confidence.

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge! An abundance of yoga experience and lifestyle. Shares different perspective on how we can live our lives.

Very knowledgeable! Brings a worldly view of yoga. Sweet – accepting – deep desire to share her love of yoga!

In depth knowledge was very evident in Janaki’s presentations. Janaki’s broad experience and credentials as an authentic practitioner/student of Sivananda yoga added originality and credibility to the overall learning experience. And – the woman can definitely cook!

Chef extraordinaire! Man that girl can cook. Having a Sivinanda trained yogini co-lead the training offered a unique perspective I could not have gotten anywhere else. Being able to contrast the Sivinanda approach to the Ashtanga approach has helped me recognize the subtle differences between carious schools of yoga. Jeanne’s Kirtan and instruction on the sutras was a real gift! Her knowledge of doshas and of ayurveda also set this training program apart. ~ Jamie E.

I would have to say I learned quite a bit from Jeanne. She brought such an authentic feel to the yoga training. And she is an excellent cook. I miss her cooking so much!!! I don’t use the Ayurvedic cookbook she recommended near enough. ~ Lisa T.